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Monday, 12 January 2015

Create Password Recovery Disk For Windows 7 latest working method

.::Create Password Recovery Disk For Windows 7::.

Hey Guyzz..

Today Im Gonna Telling You That How Can You Create Your Own Password Recovery Disk For Windows 7 Or Above Versions..

SomeTimes When We Forgot The Password Of Our Computer System, Then It will Be A Greate Problem To Start Computer..
So Here We Will Create A Password Recovery Disc Which Will Help Us To Reset Password Of Computer..

To Learn How to Do This Follow The Below Steps To Begin..

1. First Of All Turn On Your Computer Normally..

2. Now Insert Any Pen Drive Or Floppy Drive..

3. Now Click On Start Menu Nd Click On Control Pannel..

4. At Top Click On View By Nd Choose Large Icons..

5. Now Click On User Account..

6. On Left SlideBar click on "Create A Password Reset Disc"..

7. Now Chosse Your Pendrive Nd Click On Next..

8. after Done click On Finish..

You Are All Done Now

Now whenever You ForGot Ypur Windows Password Then This Disc Will Help You to Reset Password Without Formatting It..

Any Problem ??? Comment Here.. Im always Here For You..

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