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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Permanent Manager Trick For Your Facebook Page

.::Permanent Manager Trick::. 

Today i will Tell you how to Create Permanent Manager For Your Facebook Page

Here is a small trick that will let you assign a permanent manager for your facebook page and No-One Can Hack your Facebook Page On Its Behalf.. :):)

Intresting na.. Lets Begin..:)


1. Goto this link

2. Click on ‘Get Started’,click advertiser and select 1-10 peoples,again do the same..

3. Click next,name your business,then select the page you want to secure

4. fill up first and last name and email and done

5. Now you are the permanent manager of your page..

Enjoy Friends :):)

Any Problem With This Trick then comment Here.. Im Always Here To Help you..

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