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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

How To Stop Auto Play Videos On Facebook

Heyy Guyzzz...

Im Ashish,  Again Here with all of you... :):)

Now a Days so many peoples of different countries get irritated because of auto play of facebook videos..
When You Browsing News Feed of your Facebook account then videos uploaded by someone starts playing automatically on you news feed..
    Because of this feature the battery if your smartphone gets low quickly and also it destroys your available data ballance too..
Actually Facebook launched new updates in which the added a new feature of auto play facebook videos on both website nd mobile app, therefore so many peoples get irritated  bcoz of this new feature..
As Soon as When you log in into your facebook account, the videos uploaded by other users starts playing automatically on you news feed, same thing also being seen on facebook mobile app..

Here im telling you that how to disable / Stop autoplay of facebook videos..

* How To Disable auto play facebook videos For Computer/laptop/Pcs..

Go to facebook setting.. On left side you will see last option "Videos".. click on it.. Here You Will See option "Auto play Video".. Disable it now..

* How To Disable auto play facebook videos For mobile app..

Go to "facebook home page">> Click on Settings Icon >> App Setting >> Video play automatically.. Disable it from there..

If Any doubt or queries related to this post then feel free to comment below..

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