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Monday, 16 November 2015

.:: If G Stands For Google, Then What Remaining Alphabates(A-Z) denotes in Google Products ::.

Heyy Guyzzz..

Im Ashish, Again here with all of you.. I hope you all are doing well.. :)
This time google alphabates is so populer in peoples.. But Did you ever think that What is google alphabates or What is meaning Of Google A - Z alphabates..????
If your answer is no then it means you are at right place now.. :)

Actually google has launched globally so many products which helps us according to our requirment.. These products are known as google alphabates bcoz the every letter of english alphabate between A to Z denotes several google products..
Now you may be thinking that if letter "G" stands for Google Search Then What other remaining alphabates denotes..???  So im here telling you tht what is A -Z alphabates denotes the google products.. We Have a full list of these alphabates.. :) :)
It’s being reported that BMW claims to own the Alphabet trademark and it’s the owner of Alphabet.com domain name.
The co-founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin, will now look after Alphabet while Google will be handled by the previous senior vice president Sundar Pichai, who will take over as the new CEO.
We bring to you the interesting story behind the name of Alphabet. Alphabet deals in a wide range of moonshot products and internet services. The origin of Alphabet is linked to the different services and products that are offered by Alphabet, previously Google. Find a list of the services and products ? offered by Alphabet in the alphabetical order below:

A = Alphabet / Android / AdSense / Analytics / Ara / AdMob / Alerts
B = Blogger / Boston Dynamics / Books
C = Calico / Cardboard / Capital
D = Drive / DeepMind / Design / DoubleClick
E = Earth / Express
F = Fiber / Fi / Flights / FeedBurner / Firebase / Finance
G = Google / Gmail / Glass / Groups
H = Hangouts
I = Images / Ingress / Inbox / Invite Media
J = Jump
K = Keep
L = Life Sciences / Local / Loon
M = Maps / My Business / Makani
N = Nest / News / Nexus / Now
O = Offers
P = Plus / Play / Photos / Picasa / Pixate / Patents
Q = (Nexus) Q
R = Refine / reCaptcha
S = Search / Shopping / SageTV /Stackdriver / Skybox / Skia / Scholar
T = Translate / Tango
U = N/A
V = Voice / Ventures / VirusTotal / Video
W = Wallet / Wing
X = X Labs
Y = YouTube
Z = Project Z / Zagat

I hope This Information Is helpful for you.. your feedbacks related to this post are welcome in comments.. :):)

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