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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How To Increase Battery Time In Android Mobile Phones

Hey Guyzz..

Im Ashish, After a long time Im Back To sharing My Important Tricks With You.. Sorry Guyzz Im Here After a long Time But I was Busy In my Exams..
   As You See the Post tilte, Today Im Gonna Tell You That How To Increase Battery Life Of Your Android Smartphones Without Any Softwares. So Many Of Softwares Are Available In market which claims to increase the battery life of your Android mobile Phones, but in actually when you insall those apps your battery time will be reduced more than before. 

Let's take a look on Some factors which are responsible behind the low performane of Battery Of your Smartphones..
  • Thinner Design With Less Space For Batteries.
  • Larger & Brighter Screen.
  • Faster Quad-core Processors.
  • Apps Which Runs In Background.
  • Power Consuming Gps system.

And So On...

Above are some of reasons which are responsible for poor performance of battery of your Android smartphones. Now Im Telling You that How Can You Increase Battery Life Of Your Smartphones Easily Without Using any App Or Software..

1. Check What Consumes More Battery 

Go To Settings > Battery. You Will See An List Of Apps Which Consumes Battery Of Your Smartphone. It Will Show that How Much Any App Consumes Battery Of Your Smartphone In Percentage. If You See Any App Which Doesn't Mean more to you then simply uninstall that App or Turn Off the Feature.

2. Turn Off Unnecessary Services 

Each Smartphones has In-Built Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, NFC, LTE Etc. But do you realy need all these services activated for 24 hour of the each day. Android Mobiles Has Location Based Apps which turn on GPs & as a result it consumes more Battery. So if you don't need bluetooth, wifi, hotspot, gps etc then keep it tun off & use it when Need.

3. Use Power Saving Mode If Availble

As per announcement by Samsung & Htc, The Galaxy s5 & HTC one (M8) has extra power saving mode which allow you to set limits for texting, calls, browsing etc. This can increase battery life of mobile phones by 1-2 hours in a day.

4. Stop Apps Which Runs In Background

Go tO Setting > Apps. Now There You Can See The List Of Specific Apps Which runs In Background "Of Your Android Mobile Phone. As Per The use Of Those Apps you Can disable Those Apps Which are not That Much Mean for You. So MAny Of Apps Runs In Background Which Concumes more Battery. So By This You Can Increase Battery life Of your Android Mobile Phone.

5. Remove Unnecessary home screen widgets & Live Wallpapers

As You Know that So many of peoples set Loads of widgets & Live wallpers on home screen. Its consumes more battery that usual. To Inbcrease battery life of your Android SMartphones, Just Remove Unnecessary Widgets & Live Wallpapers. Simple Wallpaper Also Give Better Look To your mobile instead of live wallpapers.

6. Use Low Brightness & Avoid Auto Brightness

Higher Brightness of your screen will be results as poor performance of battery of your Android phone. Use Low Brightness as If Possible. Also Turn Off the auto brightness mode. This feature also consume more battery to set brightness according to light.

7. Use Updated Version Of Apps

If You have installed updated version of apps  in your smartphone then oftenly it consumes less battery. Though if you installed previous version of Apps Then sometimes due to different database, it consumes more battery than usual time. you can Turn On Automatic Updates on your Phone. some apps need to be updated manually so check for the latest version of apps if possible.

8. Turn Off data services when not in use

In case of android mobile phones, its seen that if you continuously use your Android Mobile Phone With Data Services On, Then Your battery time will be decreases to half time than usual time.

If You Follow Above Mention Points Then You Can Increase Battery life Of your Android Mobile Phone Easily.

If You Still have any doubts & Queries Related To this Post Then Feel Free To Post In Comments, Im Always Here TO Help You. :):)

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