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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

What is Li-Fi? Know Everything about this New Technology

Hey guyzz..

Im Ashish, again here with all of you to provide some usefful information. Actually I joined a new job i so im now a little bit busy these days thats why i cant post on regular basis.. In this post today im telling about Li-Fi.
Yeah now you must forget WIfi, Bcoz With High Speed the Lifi is beimg launched . A new Technic which will be 100 times Faster than wifi . Yeah It will able to download a 1gb movie in just 2 seconds. Sounds intresting na, this new technique is known as Lifi.

Can You imagine that a 3 hour movie of size 1gb is downloaded in just 1 second. Yeah don't be shocked, soon it will be going to be possible. This will not be done with the help of Wifi, it will be done with the help- of Lifi technique. Its a new technique which will ne 100 times faster than wifi networking. This Lifi Technique is just successfully tested few days ago & it is said that in upcoming days it will chnage the change the map of the world of Internet.
Let's know what is Lifi & How it Works..

What Is Lifi..???

Lifi is a wireless broadband technology which uses the LED to send & Recieve Data & It Is about 100 times faster than wifi technology. In this technique, data is being transfered by Visible Light Communication(VLC). Data is sent by LED Lights Between Networks.

It is a new technique to transfer data & for it, we need a standard LED bulb. An Internet Connection & a Photo Detector.The Use Of light to send data is not a new thing, In 1880 alexender Grahm bail (Inventer of Telephone)Used thr visible lights for audio transmisson. Few days ago in Talin City of Astonia, it is tested by velmeni startup. In This test data is transfered from a LED bulb with Lifi technique on the speed of 1 Gbps. Theorerically its speed can be 224 Gbps. This technique is Tested in a office so that the employees can access the internet nd give the feedback about it. Also it was tested in a industrial area, where it provide solution for smart lightening.

the most important thing about this technique is that it is founded by an indian Mr. Deepak Solanki. Mr. Solanki told that his company Welmeny is registered in Astonia, but his whole team is indian. Deepak Said that in next 3-4 years, this technique will be available for all normal citizens.

The invention of Li-Fi technique is done by Prof. Herald Haas from Edinberg university, who told abput this technology for the first time in Ted Conference in 2011. He provide a video on youtube about Li-Fi Technology, which is watched by more than 20 lacs peoples. In This video Prof. Haas explained that in future, billions of LED Lights will be as a Result Of Wireless Hotspot.

The another main Advantage of Li-fi Technique is that it will not disturb other radio signals like Wi-Fi, so it can be used in Aeroplane Where radio Signals can get disturbed by other signals.

There are also some Drawbacks with this technology, Like it can not be used in sunlight because the sun rays can disturb its signals, Also it can not be used across any wall. Especially in hospitals or small areas where the use of Wi-fi is not safe.

Hope This information will Be Helpful For You.

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