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Friday, 11 November 2016

New Latest Features Of Updated Whatsapp 2016

Hey guyzzz..

Its me Ashish, Today Im telling you about new latest features of Updated Whatsapp 2016 /2017 . To access this new features you need to update your whatsapp with it's latest version. As we know that whatsapp is the most famous & best Messaging app, by which we can send text, audio, videos, documents to anyone in world. In latest update to whatsapp, some new features has been added to it. You Must know about it.

1. How To Send Larger size smileys / emoticons in whatsapp?

Its a new feature added to newer version of whatsapp by which you can send longer size smileys to your contacts. So many peoples were asking me that how to send big size smileys emoticons in whatsapp. There is very simple method to do this. Just Send a  single smileyto any of your contacts and you will see that the smiley will be sent in bigger size. but if you send more than one smileys then it will be sent in smaller size only.

2. How to Mark Messages as bookmark to read later?

Its another new feature of whatsapp by which you can you save message to whatsapp for later reading. Just touch & hold to the desired message. now see on top, you will see an "star" icon, click on it. now Your Selected Message will saved to your whatsapp. To read that messasge later go to home screen of whatsapp & Press option key. You will see Option "Starred Messages". Click on it and you will see the marked message there.

3. How to Send messages in bold, italics & strikethrough on whatsapp?

Newer Version Of Whatsapp launches new text formatting for texting. Yeah you can send messages in bold, italics & strikethrough. Follow Below Steps to do it.

  • For Bold Text : Just add a asterisk "*" before & after the text. Eg. *Useful tRiCkS*
  • For Italic Text : Just add a underscore "_" before & after the text. Eg. _Useful tRiCkS_
  • For Strikethrough Text : Just add a Tilde "~" before & after the text. Eg. _Useful tRiCkS_
  • For New font : Just put ` symbol three times before & after the text. Eg. ```Useful tRiCkS```
4. How to Reply Someone's message in group conversation?

Its another new features added to the updated version of Whatsapp, By which you can reply to someone's message in group chat. Just touch & Hold on message. Now See on top, you will see a reply icon on top. Click on it & type your message. Thats it.

5. How to send Message to any specific person in group conversation?

Newer Version of whatsapp has a new feature by which anyone can send message to any specific person in group chat. To do this simple type @, Then you will see a list of all group members.Tap on any of group member & type your message. That it. 


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