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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Now Whatsapp Is Totally Free Of Cost For All Users

Hey Guyzz..

Im Ashish, Today Im telling you about latest News Announce By Whatsapp Messenger, In Which They Said That Whatsapp Will Not Charge Annual Subscription Charges From Its Users..
Realy It Will Be a Great News For All Whatsapp Users that they Can Use Whatsapp Totally Free Of Cost..
On Its Official blog, Whatsapp Annpunces Following News.

"Nearly a billion people around the world today rely on WhatsApp to stay in touch with their friends and family. From a new dad in Indonesia sharing photos with his family, to a student in Spain checking in with her friends back home, to a doctor in Brazil keeping in touch with her patients, people rely on WhatsApp to be fast, simple and reliable.
That's why we're happy to announce that WhatsApp will no longer charge subscription fees. For many years, we've asked some people to pay a fee for using WhatsApp after their first year. As we've grown, we've found that this approach hasn't worked well. Many WhatsApp users don't have a debit or credit card number and they worried they'd lose access to their friends and family after their first year. So over the next several weeks, we'll remove fees from the different versions of our app and WhatsApp will no longer charge you for our service.
Naturally, people might wonder how we plan to keep WhatsApp running without subscription fees and if today's announcement means we're introducing third-party ads. The answer is no. Starting this year, we will test tools that allow you to use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses and organizations that you want to hear from. That could mean communicating with your bank about whether a recent transaction was fraudulent, or with an airline about a delayed flight. We all get these messages elsewhere today – through text messages and phone calls – so we want to test new tools to make this easier to do on WhatsApp, while still giving you an experience without third-party ads and spam.
We hope you enjoy what's coming to WhatsApp, and we look forward to your feedback."

So Now You Can Use Whatsapp Totally Free Without Any Subscription Charge..

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Know Everything About Google Adsense, Its Approval Process, How To Apply Etc

Heyy Guyzz

Im Ashish, Today Im Telling You about Google Adsense.. If You are a blogger or Website Owner Then Google Adsense Provide you an Opportinity to Earn Money With your blog & Website By showing some relevant type of advertisements on your blog..

What Is Google Adsense ????

Its a common question for New blogger that what is Goggle Adsense & What is the Use Of Google Adsense. So Many Of Our Users Was Asking me that how to earn money with Google Adsense. So Here Im Telling You Complete Information About google Adsense.
    Google Adsense Is a Product Of Which is Created for Bloggers & Website Owners. If You Have A Website or Blog With quality content & many visitors of your website then you can Apply For Google Adsense. Once Your application is approved then you can show ads on your website or blog & starts earning Money

With Google Adsense you Can Show Ads On Following Items..

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Android/Windows/Apple Apps
  • Youtube videos

If You Have Any of Above, then You Can apply for Adsense. To Show Ads On Apps, You have to create Account on Admob, Admob Also Asks You for Adsense Account.

How To Apply For Google Adsense ??

To Apply for a Adsense Account follow the below Steps..

  • Go To
  • click On Signup
  • choose your gmail account Or Login Into Gmail in First step
  • Type Your Website name & Choose Language
  • In Next Step Type Payee Name (as mentioned in your bank account) & Accurate Address
  • Now click On submit.
  • Now Google Will Review Your Application within 24 hour & Send You Confirming Mail
  • If Your Application is approved then you will go to next step, Otherwise you have to Reapply for adsense.
  • After Completing This Step You Have to generate a ad Code in Your Adsense account & put it on your website.
  • within a week Google Will Look Your Website, If Everything Will Gone Well Then Your adsense account will be fully activated.
  • Now you can Put ad codes anywhere on your website to show ads.

How To Apply For Adsense For Blogger ??

If You are a blogger & Wanna use adsense to show ads on your blog & earn Money Then You Must Keep Following Points In Your Mind..

  • Your Blog Must Be Atleast 6 Month Old.
  • Your Blog Has Atleast 30 Posts With Quality content.
  • Your Blog theme Must be Responsive To Show Adsense Ads.

Follow Below Steps To Apply For Adsense For Blogger..

  • Go to from web browser.
  • Login Into Your Google Account.(skip If You are alrady logged in)
  • Click On Your Blog Name.
  • On Main Page Go to Earning Tab.
  • click On Sign Up for Adsense.
  • It Will Leads You To Sign up Page Of Google Adsense.
  • Complete The Information carefully.
  • Your Payee name & Adress should be match with Your name on your bank passbook.
Now google Will Review For your Application & Sends You a mail showing the status of your application within 24 hours, If everything will be right then your application will be fully approved & You can show adsense ads on your blog & start Earning.
How To Apply For Adsense For Youtube ??

Follow Below Steps To Apply For Adsense For Youtube..

  • Go To & Login With Your Google Account.
  • Now Visit
  • Enable Monetization for your Youtube account.
  • accept All Terms & Conditions.
  • Now Click On Monetize Account.
  • Now You Will Recieve a Email from google in your Gmail id.
  • now Upload a New Video.
  • Again Visit
  • now Click On "How Will I Get Paid"
  • Now Click On "Associate an Adsense Account"
  • Now it Will Leads You To Adsense Screen Where You Have to complete The Form & All Details Accurately.
  • Click On Submit Button.
  • within 1 hour Your Adsense Account will Be Approved.. :):)

Some Important Terms In Google Adsense..

  • Page View : When a user visits your page it will be counted as 1 view, no matter how many pages he visited..
  • Ads Impressions: Its Number of ads viewed by any user on your blog. If 4 ads are there on any page & its viewed by 2 user then ads impression will be counted as 8.
  • CPM: CPM is defined as How Much the advertiser pays you for 1 thousand ad impression for its Ads.
  • CPC: Cost Per Click (CPC) Is amount of Money you will get Each time When a user click on ads.
  • CTR: Click Thorugh Rate (CTR) is calculatedas the number of ad clicks devided by the number of ad impressions.
  • RPM: Revenue Per thousand Ad Impression is calculated by your Estimated Earning x 1000 devided by Number Page Views.
  • Estimated Earning: It Shows Your Total Valid Earning For That Particuler Period Of Time.
  • Ad Requests: When Any Website Requests  You To Show Its Ads On Your Website Or Blog Then It Called As Ad Request.

I Hope This Small Tutorial Will Help You  To Know About Google Adsense. If You have Doubts Or Queries or Suggestion Then Don't Forget to mention it on Comments.. :)

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

How To Create Your Own Blog At Blogger Free

Heyy Guyzz..

Im Ashish, Today Im Telling you that how to create your own blog with So Many Of Our Readers asking me about how to create or write your own blog with 
If You wanna start your own blog then we have Two best options:
Here We are Discussing  that how to start your new blog at Actually Blogger provides you a great opportunity to start your own blog totally free of cost.. Below are some of features of Blogger which makes it more special..

  • Blog description – 500 characters max
  • Number of blogs – 100 blogs per account
  • Number of labels – 5,000 unique labels per blog (an increase from the original 2,000), 20 unique labels per post
  • Number of pictures - Ordinarily, Up to 1 GB of total storage, shared with Picasa Web. If you've upgraded to Google+, your photos will be stored in Google Photos, where you have 15GB of storage space shared with Gmail and Drive. However, if one has signed up for Google+ account, images less than 16 megapixels (4920 x 3264) would not be counted to this storage limit. For users not signed up for Google+, 800 x 800 pixels and below images would not be included in this storage space.
  • Number of posts – There is no limit on the number of posts one can have in one blog.
  • Size of pages – Individual pages (the main page of a blog or archive pages) are limited to 1 MB
  • Size of pictures – If posted via Blogger Mobile, limited 250 KB per picture; posted pictures are scaled to 1600px
  • Number of Pages - There is no limit on the number of pages you can have on one blog
  • Team members (those who can write to a blog) – 100 invitations per blog
  • Favicon – Any square image less than 100KB
 Follow Below Steps To Start Your Blog Free Of Cost..
  •  First Go to & Login With Your Gmail Id & Password..
  • After Login, Fill The Required Details Accurately & Complete the form..
  • Now choose a Unique Blog Address for your blog, It will be like (you can add custom domain name later)
  • Now Your Blog is available on your provided address. Now you can create your first post on blog.
  • Click on Create new post & start typing your content now..
  •  There Are Options  to create links, Change font size, Font color, Text background color..
  • You can type Text in Bold, Italic & Underlined Letters.
  • You can insert Images, Videos, Jump Breaks etc..
  • You Can Type post in simple text as well as in html language..
  • after completing post, type post category by Clicking on Labels.. 
  • Add Your location by clicking on Location.
  • Now Click On Publish & Your post Will be Published..
Create Pages In Blogger.. 
 You Can Create Multiple Pages To Show on Your blog (As Like About Us, Home, Contact Us, News Etc). There Are no limit for number of pages for any blog..
  • Click on Pages on Main page of blogger..
  • Choose any page name & Write your Content there..
  • Click On Publish & Thats It.. :) 
 Change Blogger template (Theme)..
You can change the template of your blog. Blogger provides a lot of predefined templates for You. You can change any one which suits for your blog.. :)
  • Go to Main page blogger.. 
  • Click on "Template" Tab.. 
  • Choose templates for both mobile version & Web Version Of Your blog..
  • You Can Upload Your Own Template By Clicking on "Backup/Restore"
  • You Can Disable Mobile Version Of Your Blog On This Section..
 How To Earn Money With Your Blog.. 
Yeah You Can earn money with your blog by showing relavant Ads on Your Blog..
  • Go to Earning Tab on Main Page Of Blogger..
  • From there, Sign up for Google Adsense..
  • It Will Redirects You to Homepage of Google Adsense.
  • Now Complete all Information Correctly.. 
  • Adsense Application Is Approved only if your website is atleast   6 month old & It Has Unique & Self Written Content..
 I Hope This Small Tutorial Will Help You to  Create Your Own Blog,  If You Have any  doubts & Queries then feel Free to Comment Here.. :) :)

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How To Create Website On Android Mobile Phone With Wordpress

Heyy Guyzz

Im Ashish, Today Im Here With an short article on How to create a website on mobile phone. Yeah Its Possible to create a website on your android mobile phone by Using
Actually So many users are asking me to know about how to create mobile website free  of cost, So Here im telling you that how is this possible with wordpress.

Wordpress Is a website which allow us to create blog & website free Of Cost. In Order To Create website using wordpress you will need a computer or laptop to create post & modify your posts..
But If you don't have computer or laptop then you also can do with Its Android app.

Yeah the android app of Wordpress Provides You features to Create any website easily On Your android Device, & It doesn't require the knowledge of programming languages as html5 or php etc..

Follow Below steps to Begin..

  • First of all download the Android App of Wordpress From Google Play store. Click Here To Download
  • Now install this app & Open It..
  • It will ask you For Your Name, Email Id, Website Name etc.. Complete this Form.. (Note that the website name should be unique nd matching to your website contents.. It Will Look like
  • After Completing this form your website is ready but it shows as blank becaue you did not create any post on it, So our next step will be Creating your first post on your website..
  • you can create multiple websites on this app, so before creating any post, choose your website name from top or you can click on switch site to change sites..
  • Now Click On Orange icon shown on main page of app to create new post..
  • After Clicking Now type the Title Of Your Post..
  • Now Type Your Post content.. you can write your post in Bold, Italic, Underlines Etc..
  • There are options to create link, add images, read more link etc..
  • Now click On Post Setting & Set your Post according to your need.. Also yupe category(tags) in tag section..
  • After All Is Done, click On Publish & your first Post Will Be Published Sucssfully..
  • On Main Page There are options to change your website theme, wordpress Provides a huge collection Of Themes for your website, You Can choose any one..
  • If someone comment on your post, then the app will ask you for approval to show that comment on your website..
  • You can change acount setting & Notification Setting In third Section as below..
  • by clicking on Pages, You can create multiple pages for your website as like Home, About. Contact Us etc.. 
  • To Use More features of Wordpress you can visit its Website on Your Computer :)
I Hope this Little Tutorial Will Help You to Create Your Own Website  On Your Android Mobile Phone.. If you have any doubts & queries then do not forget to mention it in Comments.. :)

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Thursday, 7 January 2016

.:: Get 1 Gb 4g Data Free For Idea Users ::.

Heyy Guyzz..

Im Ashish, Today Im Telling You About Latest Offer Given By Idea For Its Users, In Which Idea Is Giving 1GB 4g Data For Its Users..

Yeah As We All Knows That Idea Is Launching Its 4g Services In India So Its Providing 1GB 4g data For Promotion To Its Users.. Its available Only In Some Of Circles Of India..

Follow These Procedure To Get 1GB 4g data Free Of Cost..

  • Offer is applicable in select cities across select circles
  • Register Your Idea Number On It's Official Website By Clicking Here..
  • Once 4G network is live in your location, Idea Customer Care will inform you the details on how to activate the pre-book offer
  • Visit an Idea Store to upgrade to a 4G SIM free of cost, You Will Get 1gb 4g Data Free Of Cost.
  • The pre-book offer benefit can be consumed on 4G network
  • To use 4G LTE service, you need a 4G SIM & a 4G compatible handset on Band 3 (1800 MHz)
  • To check if your handset is 4G compatible simply type CHECK & SMS it to 12345 (toll free)
  • Pre Book offer of 1GB 4G is valid for 10 days from date of offer activation
This Offer Is Available In Following Circles Of India..

  • Ambala
  • Bahadurgarh
  • Bawal
  • Bhiwani
  • Dharuhera
  • Fatehabad
  • Hisar
  • Karnal
  • Panipat
  • Rewari
  • Rohtak
  • Sohna
  • Sonipat
  • Yamunanagar

2.Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh
  • Bhopal
  • Gwalior
  • Indore
  • Jabalpur
  • Raipur

3. Orissa
  • Anandpur
  • Baleshwar
  • Balugaon
  • Belphar
  • Bhadrak
  • Bhubneshwar
  • Brahmapur
  • Chhatrapur
  • Cuttack
  • Gopalpur
  • Jatani
  • Jharsuguda
  • Khordha
  • Rajagangapur
  • Raurkela
  • Rengali
  • Sambalpur
  • Soro
  • Sundargarh

  • Ahmedgarh
  • Chandigarh
  • Fazika
  • Firojpur
  • Hoshiarpur
  • Jalalbad
  • Kapurthala
  • Malerkotla
  • Moga
  • Patiala
If You Belongs To Above Circles Then You Can Avail This Offer.. For More Details You Can Visit 

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