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Friday, 5 January 2018

How to download any recorded song from starmaker & Smule.

Hey Guyzz..

Its me Ashish again here with all of you. Its been a long time since i posted here last time. Sorry but due to other works I couldn't share any new thing with you.


Today in this post i will tell you all guyz an awesome trick that how to download your recorded songs from starmaker, smule, sing karaoke or any similar app like that. I recieved so many messages from you guyz that how to download songs from starmaker to phone storage. Actually starmaker only allow us to post song on itself to play online, They didn't give any option to save songs offline. So im here with an amazing trick by which you will able to download any recorded songs to your phone without using any external app.


You just have to follow these simple steps below to download any song from starmaker, smule, Sing karaoke or any other similar app. In this post im telling you procedure for starmaker app only, but the same procedure can be done with other apps too, so lets begin with below steps..

  • Firstly open the starmaker app in your android phone.
  • Then go to the song you want to download.
  • Now play that song.
  • Now click on share icon & Copy the sharing link.
  • Now open any internet browser i.e. Chrome, opera, UC Browser etc (Chrome is best as per my suggestion).
  • Now in address bar, type nd go.
  • It will open in your browser.
  • Now paste the copied link of starmaker song there & click on go.
  • Now it will give you a link to download song, click on it.
  • It will download that song as "Master.mp4" in your phone's download folder.
  • Now open your file explorer nd open downloads folder.
  • Now find the file "Master.mp4" in Downloads folder.
  • Rename that file with any name, nd type .mp3 instead of .mp4 & save it.(Exa : Sanam Re.mp3)

Congratulations, Now you successfully saved your song to your phone. Now you can play with Music player App.

Now its time to share this post with your friends.. ;)

Thank you so much for Reading this post.

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