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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

How to send heart multiple times in instagram : Useful tRiCkS 2018

Hello Guyzz..

I'm Ashish.. After a long time im posting here. Due to my job I'm unable to post regularly here. 

If you are reading this post then it means that you are an instagram user nd also you are curious to find new things like me. In this post im gonna tell you that how can you how can you send heart icon multiple times on instagram. So many times i tried to send heart icon multiple times but i always failed. If you try to send her heart again then it will not be send. Instagram doesn't allow us to send heart continuously two times.

A couple of months ago when i was chatting to one of my friend on instagram, i found this amazing trick. With this trick i can send heart icon on instagram multiple times. Here's how you can do it.. 

Follow below procedure..

  • First open instagram mobile app on your Mobile phone.
  • Then open any contact's messages.
  • Now send her heart by tapping on heart icon.
  • Now the main trick is here, send any text message after sending her heart.
  • now send her heart again..
  • Now touch and hold on that text message and touch "Unsend Message"
  • Now the text message between those two hearts will be removed and all the hearts will be seen continuously. 
  • It will make people think that how is this possible.
  • Enjoy with this trick..
Thanks for reading this post, Plz do like share and comment on this post.

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